Stop Drowning Financially

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Are you stressed out and overwhelmed financially? In fear of losing everything? Facing Bankruptcy? Maybe you’ve made bad decisions that seemed to have snowballed out of control, and you don’t know how to recover. Or maybe it’s not your fault, but you were hit with an unexpected tragedy, or major expense that was a hard hit to your finances.
Whatever the case, it’s taking your sleep and stressing you out. Many in this situation let things go so long that it begins to affect their health, their job, and their relationships with those close to them, even ruining marriages. It doesn’t have to be that way. There is help!

As a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach, I’ve seen so many people, who were at their wits end, and could not see their way out. I’ve seen how the weight of their financial dilemma has caused them not be able to function throughout the day.  But after financial coaching, they were able to breath again, see their way clearer and see the hope that they had, with just a little guidance from someone whose been there before and recovered.

Many will say what do I need with a coach, I know how to manage my money. Well, many ask why do they need a personal trainer also. My answer is, you are more successful with both. There are a lot of things we know to do, or even how to do.  That’s not really the issue. The problem is being motivated to do it. Let’s face it. We are not motivated to do things we don’t deem as fun or exciting, and neither losing weight or budgeting is something that we would consider as either, but if we have a desired goal, we need to do the work.

A Financial Coach makes getting the work done so much easier. Also, it’s so much better to have someone cheering you on to reach the goals you have set for yourself, along with being an example. No matter what it looks like to you, there is always hope. And it’s good to have someone who can see your way out when you can’t.

Stop letting Financial Crisis take away your peace. Get help from a trusted name. Consult with a Dave Ramsey Preferred Coach today and get your life back.

Tim Campbell

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