How to Prosper in Uncertain Times

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Can I survive in the present state of this economy? How do I guarantee my success in times of uncertainty? Many Christians find themselves asking these questions. That’s because most of them, while in debt, seek prosperity.

The economy might be plagued with a recession, and I know how difficult it could get. There are risks of unemployment and a devaluation of exchange rates. All these things ultimately affect the economy, causing instability in people's lives.
In the face of these circumstances, Christians assure and reassure themselves of a breakthrough. They believe by patiently waiting, their success would come to them. Although their hopes are valid, even God made wisdom available to man so that he could live life the right way.
Don't blame the economy for your losses. Instead, focus on the ways to prosper, regardless of opposing circumstances.
Before going into prosperity details, there is a common misconception to examine. Some have been convinced to believe that being rich is a sin. This scripture says, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: while some coveted after, they have deferred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10 is often misconstrued. Our emphasis should be directed to "the love of money." These Christians shun prosperity due to this scripture, thinking money itself is the root evil. What we should rather take to account is that money should not be our sole priority. The love (idolization) of money is the root of evil. A man will only serve his master, and if money takes that position, he will do whatever it takes (even the negative things) to get it.
You should also know that these realizations or discoveries are not meant to dash your hopes. Hope is the one thing you would need to keep moving forward. Circumstances will never always present opportunities to grow in whatever aspect (prosperity being our focus). You are meant to create these opportunities through your God-given abilities. Everything you need to prosper has already been deposited inside you before creation. God gifts every man without repentance. Romans 11:29 “For the gifts and the calling of God are not repented of." What you need is self-discovery and the proper way to harness these gifts. God also wants you to prosper and has given you skills to fulfill the purpose you have been given. Therefore, you can thrive even during the testy times or when success seems uncertain.

There are two extreme ends to some Christian’s thoughts on prosperity. First, some Christians believe that wealth will come to them without effort. They are hinged on the premise of grace and would rather have faith without works. But as it has been said in Hebrews, faith without works is dead. Regardless that the Lord desires to prosper His people, He does not embrace laziness nor likes to be taken for granted. As you go through the book of Proverbs, you see God is a hard worker and a planner. He speaks to us about studying the seasons and knowing what to do to get certain results in each of them.
The other extreme is a set of hinged-on works without faith. They believe that their prosperity can be self-acclaimed. As much as the Lord honors the hard-working, He reminds us that we cannot achieve anything alone. He also desires that we trust Him to guide every step in our daily lives.
You should ensure that you maintain a balance between these two extremes. Don't disregard the help of God in any situation, and also be ready to put in the work the Lord requires of you to guarantee success.

The aim is not to achieve only riches but to attain wealth that can last and affect people's lives positively. You are to prosper so that you can be a blessing to others. Try not to limit yourself based on modesty and aim for the best.
A grasshopper has a limited vision and can only see the things right before it. But an eagle has access to a wider range and is allowed to envision and pursue without limit.
You should restructure your mind and plans to attain and maintain prosperity. Develop long-term plans that guarantee stability even in times of lack and want.
Consider men of the bible like Isaac, who prospered in a time of famine. The scripture clearly states that he sowed (works) and had the backing of the Lord, who helped him grow during that period (faith).

You must not neglect the physical aspects of your journey to prosperity. Here are a few habits you should develop to maintain your finances.
  1. Increase your investments: Ensure you invest in stable businesses to guarantee investment returns. Ensure to verify the stability of any company you decide to invest in. It would be safer to make inquiries from a financial expert. Also, remember to be led by the spirit; such a decision such not be taken without His guidance.
  2. Save: Try not to put all your eggs in one basket. Increase your savings as much as possible (remember not to starve in the process). Develop a workable pattern for yourself to save properly. You could also have an accountability partner (though none is as good as the Holy Spirit).
  3. Pay all Debts: Make sure you aren’t depriving other people in the process of saving up. Relieve yourself of all your debts and pledges.
  4. Cut your Coat According to your Size: This is commonly said and is just as important as any other habit. Never live above your means. It doesn't mean you cannot enjoy yourself at times; it only means you should avoid wasting by splurging unnecessarily.
  5. Live Courageously: Don't limit your stream of income. Ensure you develop yourself to increase your capacity and income streams. Many people are financially stable as a result of this. They have something to fall back on in case of an emergency. You can also help your saving plan by living off one stream and investing the profits of the others.
  6. Start a Business: Try to own your own business instead of working for someone else. Although risks are involved, it also increases your benefits and profits as a CEO.
Why It’s Important
Having a mentor has various advantages. One example is the advice you receive when making decisions. As a mentee, you will be guided to make decisions that benefit you. As you interact with your mentor, you have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in various aspects. Of course, this person is someone that knows prosperity.
This person can keep you accountable and monitor your growth process. You can also avoid making possible mistakes through your journey by taking your mentor's advice.
This entails naming your mentor as your accountability partner. Someone who will hold you accountable as you establish new habits. Having someone who is engaged in assisting you in reaching your objectives is a powerful weapon that will boost your chances of success.
As you take all these steps and develop these habits, remember that God must be in control. It guarantees the success of whatever you get involved with. It also secures your future.
Tap reservoirs of creativity in prayer that would open boundless doors of opportunity. When these opportunities are open to you, the Lord will assist you by giving you the boldness and wisdom required to be prosperous in them.
Focus on working smart and not working hard. Educate yourself and be sure to engage in self-development activities. If you need extra classes, take them! If you need further education to increase your value, go ahead! People will always pay for whatever they cannot do themselves. Increase your capabilities to fulfill your God-given purpose. No man can prosper if He refuses to maximize his abilities.
Also, remember you are not on this journey alone. Get partners that will push you towards your goals and help you achieve your desired heights. Surround yourself with equally driven individuals, and you will find yourself on the right path.
I will put down links to a website that can assist you on your journey to financial breakthrough and prosperity. You would find a community ready to hold your hand as you embark on this journey while keeping you accountable until you see results. It would also offer life-changing tips and strategies as you progress and various mentors to keep you on track. Secret scriptures are also revealed to spur you on through your prosperity journey.
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