Born in Monroe, Louisiana, Pastor Tim lived a quiet and shy life as a youth, not really accustomed to anything spiritual, besides going to church occasionally. Upon graduating from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, he went to work for Murphy Oil in El Dorado Arkansas. Here is where he would have his encounter with God, and begin the journey that would not only change his life, but the lives of countless others.

On July 29th, 1991, while standing in his front yard, Pastor Tim said, “Lord, if you can fix my life, I’ll live it like a Preacher”, which was the only thing he felt was close to God at the time. God heard his prayer, and immediately his life was changed. The calling on Pastor Tim’s life was unique in that it was not a direct calling, but a leading, and testing of obedience. With each phase of testing, he was led deeper into the calling. Not realizing the journey, he found himself preaching in November of that same year.

The pivotal moment came when he received instructions in the mail from out of nowhere, entitle, “Meet For The Master’s Use”. After studying the material for about four months, it could not seem to be found. It was if it just vanished. He now realize that it was a divine providence of the Lord preparing him for the ministry. In March of 1995, Pastor Tim founded Shining Light Christian Center, where he pastored in El Dorado, Arkansas for twelve years, fulfilling all that God had commanded him. In September 2007, He was led to move to Houston, Texas, where God would seem to give him a Moses experience where he was out of the role of pastoring, only evangelizing during this time. In the beginning of 2017, he co-pastored with three other pastors, with the Outpouring of Houston, but this assignment would be short lived when a direct mandate came from the Lord.

With this mandate came the birth of “The Body of Believers in Christ”. This ministry’s assignment is to develop disciples to do the work of the ministry, specifically the greater works Jesus commissioned the body to perform, with the mission of advancing the Kingdom of God. This ministry has a worldwide vision, bringing members into the body of Christ from all over the world. The main motto is, “A church in every Home”.

Pastor Tim is married to Vicki and is the father of three children, Sebastian, Jarrell, and Kenocha, who all play active roles in the ministry, in one form or another.