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Advancing the Kingdom! We welcome you to our community in Praise of Jesus.


The Body of Believers in Christ (TBOBIC) ministry focuses on developing disciples to further the work and teachings of Jesus through advancing the Kingdom of God.

By reaching into every home through today's resources and media, the ministry envisions bringing members into the body of Christ from all over the world.

The ministry's motto is, “A church in every Home”.

Become a member and reach out to all that will accept Jesus as their savior. Join us every Sunday at 10 a.m. as we discuss the teachings of the Word of God, from a Kingdom perspective, encouraging the unity and bonding of the family, while developing Believers to become all that God is calling for in this end time.

If you would like Pastor Tim to speak at a service or event, please contact us.

Ministry Missions

We believe in empowering believers through teaching, and changing this world through Jesus Christ.

Serve the Needy

We believe that no one as a Believer in the Kingdom of God should lack what is needed, or suffer sickness.

Biblical Training

TBOBIC fulfills this assignment through seminars, conferences, and study groups, and weekly services.

Enriching Families

We strive to bring families closer & provide biblical training for personal relationships with Jesus.

Provide Guidance

TBOBIC reaches out to guide those that want to make changes in their new life plan with Jesus as their savior.


We use modern methods to spread the words of Jesus through television, radio, internet & crusades.