Being in the ministry for over twenty two years, and becoming concerned with the state of the church, believing that there was something much greater, Pastor Tim spent eight long years seeking the face of God. During this time of studying and inflection, while seeking the Lord, the Lord revealed many truths, and even corrections to Pastor Tim, along with many of the reasons for the failure, and the lack of power and integrity in the Body of Christ.

The Lord began to reveal that the church was more concerned about just getting in the numbers to boast of its size, not being concerned about the spiritual, and even physical welfare of the Body. Much of the teachings promulgated in the church, now only left it debilitated, with poverty, sickness and sin. The power of God, holiness, and faith are no longer the tenants of the faith, but short lectures that only motivate and encourage, instead of empower.

Although this is the majority state of the Body of Christ, God has left hope, as He has always had a remnant for His name sake, which He began to place a burden upon Pastor Tim to not only be a part of that number, but to expand it.

On September 20, 2017, The Body of Believers in Christ was birthed. During the time of seeking God, Pastor Tim inquired of God why another church, seeing that there were so many. God’s answer to Him was just as profound as the answer Joshua received from Moses, when he asked Moses should he forbid those outside of the camp from prophesying, seeing that they were not gathered with those that were numbered to receive Moses spirit. That answer was that, God would that they were all Prophets, which is basically the answer God gave Pastor Tim, He would that there was a church in every home. With that answer, the Vision became more defined, which has become the ministry motto and mandate, “a church in every home”. Every home connected to TBOBIC will potentially be a satellite for advancing the Kingdom.

Step by step, God began laying out the vision, purpose, mission, and strategy for the ministry. The vision of the ministry is to disciple a Body of Believers that would advance God’s Kingdom, and Glorify the King of Kings. The following purpose is what God wanted His Body to look like. The only head to be recognized is Christ our King. While most churches give so much credence to a Pastor, who we should honor, but not idolize, all the glory goes to Jesus. In doing this, the goal of Leadership is to teach and disciple people to mature and walk at a level to where they become an equal co-laborer, exercising dominion and doing the work of the ministry. They should be walking in the same power, and having the same authority as the Leadership, and the Leadership should not be intimidated, nor feel threatened.

This body shall not be Lorded over by any man. Sickness should not be tolerated, neither poverty. If any lack exist, the body comes together as a whole to eradicate it. This includes dealing with sickness as well. This body shall dwell together in unity, having all things common. This Body shall be increased by the Lord, and not by the schemes of man. This Body shall be full of integrity, and money shall not be the object of its existence.