Apostle and his wife Prophetess Michele Burton both studied Theology under the leadership of Pastor Richard Rose and both are licensed and ordained ministers, and have been since 1994. He and Prophetess Michele were married in July 1987 and each of them brought a daughter to the marriage, later adding their own daughter to this union (now making 3) the same year he confessed his call to ministry. Apostle and his wife have both served faithfully under the leadership of several pastors in the Houston area before God released them to begin the ministry of Heavenly Fruit of the Spirit Christian Center. Their mission statement is that “This is a place where we invest in the Future (our youth), while Remembering the past (our elderly)”, by feeding them the Uncompromising Word of God and helping them become mature Believers in God. Apostle has since been interviewed by radio personality Paul Baker on KKHT 100.7 FM, and also once had a television broadcast with an up and coming Gospel station in Houston. Sadly that television station is no longer on the air. Yet this has not deterred the Apostle from spreading God’s word.

Since September of 2005 he continues to write articles that can be read every month in the Good News Monthly. A Gospel Newspaper publication that is distributed in the Fort Bend and surrounding areas and he also spreads God’s Word when called upon through conferences, revivals, seminars and other special engagements throughout the Fort Bend and Houston areas.